Main Objects of Garments Company

Main Objects of Garments Company

If you are looking for main objects of the garments company, then you are at the right place. Here, you will find: MOA of the garment company, MOA of the textile company, MOA of the ready made or textile company.

Following are the indicative list of main activities of Garment or Apparel Manufacturing and Trading Company:


MOA of Apparel, Textile Manufacturing Company

  1. To carry on the business of manufacturers, importers, exporters, buyers, sellers, dealers and as agents, stockists, distributors and suppliers of all kinds of readymade garments, coverings, coated fabrics, textiles, hosiery and silk or merchandise of every kind and description and other production goods, articles and things as are made from or with cotton, nylon, silk, polyester, acrylics, wool, jute and other such kinds of fiber by whatever name called or made under any process, whether natural or artificial and by mechanical or other means and all other such products of allied nature made thereof.

  1. To carry on the business of manufacturers, traders, fabricators, exporters and importers of all kinds of clothing, readymade garments, jewelry, footwear, hand bags, beauty products and all accessories related to fashion & lifestyle products, or otherwise to act as agents, sub-agents, wholesalers, retailers, representatives, commission agents, franchisers and dealers of all kinds of textile clothing, wearing apparel, cosmetics, jute, linens, furnishing fabrics and fabrics of all kinds of readymade garments and clothing, lingerie, hosiery, footwear’s, & accessories in India or abroad.

  1. To carry on the business of manufacturing, buying, selling, importing, exporting and dealing in textiles, cotton, silk, art silk, rayon, nylon, synthetic fibers, staple fibers, polyester, worsted, wool, hemp and other fibre materials, yarn, cloth, linen, rayon and other goods or merchandise whether textile felted, netted or looped.

  1. To own, create, operate and manage online shopping websites, e-commerce market places, portals, mobile applications and to create a virtual shopping mall with online catalogue and to provide a convenient shopping experience to its customers for an items – clothing, jewelry, footwear, luggage’s, hand bags, beauty products & all kinds of accessories related to fashion & lifestyle products.

Main Objects (MOA) of various companies

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