Main Objects of Beauty & Wellness Company

Main Objects Clause of the Beauty & Wellness Company

Here, You may check and download Main Objects of Beauty & Wellness Company. You may refer this MOA for Cosmetics Company and Beauty Salon as well.

Following are the indicative list of main activities of the Beauty & Wellness Services Company:


1. To buy, Direct selling, manufacture, import, export, distribute and otherwise deal in all kinds and varieties of cosmetics, non prescribed drugs, health care products, food preservatives and additives, artificial flavouring, artificial dyes and colouring agents, oleoresins, beauty and skin care products, perfumes, colognes, food supplements, health aids, glamour products, Birth control medicines and devices and lubricants.

2. To establish, start, operate, propagate, manufacture, produce, grow, cultivate, process, collaborate, import, export, sell, purchase or otherwise deal in and marketing or multi marketing of health and nutrition products, food or food supplements, whether medicinal or aromatic, through plants or otherwise or through usual or unusual herbs, plantation or tuber crops, fruits, mushroom, nuts, fresh or canned, dehydrated or frozen fruits, vegetables or any genetic combination thereof, fast foods, marine and sea foods, energy foods, bee keeping honey and its processing, sericulture and its processing and to operate farming under satellite contractual buyback schemes including cultivation & processing & medicinal and aromatic plants, usual & unusual rare herbs, recycling of organic waste, fermentation and membrane process technologies.

Main Objects of Cosmetics company

Main Objects of Cosmetics Company

3. To carry on the business of manufacturers, processors, producers, purchasers, sellers, blenders, makers, researchers and dealers in cosmetics, perfumes, scents, sprays, nail polish, fragrances, powders, lavenders, tooth pastes, tooth powder, hair oils, herbals, creams, pomeds, ayurvedic and intermediates and their raw materials.

4. To carry on Research, Development and manufacturing of Cosmetics products, personal care products, Health Care Products and to carry on the trade of it.

5. To acquire, establish, run, manage, franchise, take on hire or lease, and operate training schools or Institute of Beauty & Nutrition to provide world class vocational and technical training, education in beauty, wellness, yoga and nutrition.

Main Objects of Yoga Centre, Health Care Centre

6. To carry on the business of beauticians, manicurists and to run health care centre, yoga centres, gymnasiums and to conduct classes, seminars, demonstration, education and training programmes for betterment of body and health care.

7. To acquire, establish, run, manage, construct, build, take on hire or lease, maintain, organise, promote, provide, acquire, develop, erect, and to handle, yoga centres, beauty saloons, clinics, gymnasiums, swimming pools, natural cure centres, sona & steam bath, and similar establishment on membership basis or otherwise.

8. To organize, conduct, or sponsor time to time, health and fitness camp or workshop, yoga camp or workshop, beauty contest event to encourage or make people aware about healthy & fit lifestyle.






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