Main Objects of Food & Beverages Company

Main Objects of Food & Beverages Company

Are you looking for a draft MOA of food products company? if yes, then you are at the right portal. Following is the indicative list of main activities or main objects of food & beverages company engaged in manufacturing, processing, trading of food products.  

1.To carry on in India or elsewhere the business as manufacture, processor, importer, exporter, distiller, refiner, fermenter, converter, bottler, distributor, preserver, packer, mover, consignor, seller, buyer, reseller, transporter, stockiest, agent, sub-agent, broker, supplier, indentor, concessionaire or otherwise to deal in all types of beverages, including soft drinks, soft drinks concentrates, syrups, effervescent drinks, aerated water, tea, coffee, mineral water, solvents, mixtures, by-products, intermediates & ingredients, whether made of natural of synthetic materials.


2. To carry on the business of manufacturers, researchers, consultants, importers, exporters, distributors, stockiest, dealers, franchise holders, bottlers, re-bottlers, packers, extractors, pulpers, crushers, grinder of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, fruit juices, fruit pulp, milk, jams,. jelly, sauce, concentrates and flavors (liquid and powder form), food colours, aerated water, green vegetables etc.

Memorandum of Association of a Food and beverages company

3. To carry on the business of process, produce. Mix, pack, preserve, freeze, extract, refine, manufacture, import, export, buy, sell, trade and deal in processed foods, health foods, protein foods, food products, agro foods, fast foods, packed foods, poultry products, sea foods, milk foods, health and diet drinks, extruded foods, frozen foods, dehydrated foods, precooked foods, canned foods, preserved foods, bakery products and confectionery items such as breads, biscuits, sweets, cakes, pastries, cookies, wafers, condoles, lemon drops, chocolate, toffees, tinned fruits, chewing gum, bubble gum, detergents, tea and coffee, vegetables, fruits, jams, jelly, pickles, squashes, sausages, nutrient, health and diet foods / drinks, extruded foods, confectionery items, sweets, cereals products and outside India.

Main Business Objects of Food Products Company

4. To carry on the business of processing, farming, manufacturing, distributorship, agency, broker, factors, stockiest, importer and otherwise deal in all kinds of organic and inorganic foods products and drinking products, mineral water, soft drinks, aerated mineral water, fruit drinks, artificial flavoured drinks, condensed milk and drinking products of all kinds and other consumable provision of every description for human consumption.

MOA of Food Company in India – As per Company Laws

The above memorandum and association (MOA) of the food company is drafted as per company laws. 

The same object clause can be used for the MOA of the Organic food company, spices company with minor modifications.

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