Main Objects of Share Broking Company

MOA of Share Broking Company

Hi friend, are You looking for the main objects of Share Broking company? Are you planning to register a company dealing in Share, Securities and acting as share broker, sub-broker?

Here is the indicative list of main activities or main object clause of a company engaged in Shares, Securities, Commodities, currencies and their derivatives, stock broker, sub-broker, authorized person.

Main Objects of Stock Broking Company

1.To carry on the business as share & stocks brokers, sub-brokers, dealers, agents, for subscribing to and for the sale and purchase of securities, stock, shares, debentures, debenture stock, bonds, units cash certificates, saving certificates, commercial papers, Government securities or other financial instruments or obligations and securities issued or guaranteed by body corporate whether established in India or elsewhere, authority whether central, state or local, undertaking whether public or private, to act as portfolio managers, fund managers, asset managers, securities and investment consultants, custodian for securities and assets and share transfer agents.

2. To carry on the business or profession of dealing in Shares, Securities, Commodities, currencies and their derivatives, stock broker, sub-broker, authorized person, dealer, jobber, market maker, portfolio manager. 

main objects share broking company

3.To carry on the business of stock brokers, share brokers, investment brokers, insurance brokers, underwriters and to carry out brokerage of all and every kind whatsoever.

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4.To act as a member of National Stock Exchange, OTC Exchange of India or any other recognised Stock Exchange(s) in India or elsewhere, and to render all such services as may be provided by a stock broker and to do such things as may be incidental thereto.

You can refer this main objects to register a Stock broking, sub-broking firm in India. Above draft moa can be used for formation of Angel One, Zerodha, Groww, Upstox and other Sub-broking franchise company.

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