trademark registration

Trademark Registration

Trade Mark Registration in India

Register Trademark to protect your brand name or logo. Online Trademark Registration filing in India. Get your trademark registered. Free Trademark Search and advice on Trademark Class.

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Trademark Meaning

A trademark, trade mark, or trade-mark is a recognizable sign, design, a word, symbol that distinguish your goods or services from those of others. A Trademark generally refers to a “brand” or “logo”. Trademark registration can also be obtained for a business name, unique catchy phrases, taglines or captions.

Getting your Trademark registered will not only grant you a Trademark License to use the Brand Name but will also give you the power to stop anyone else from using it anywhere in India.

At BIZINDIGO, we help you  to register your Trademark online in India. Get a free Trademark Search report. Talk to expert to decide correct Trademark Class and Trademark Jurisdictions before filing your TM Application.

Trademark Package Include

  • Discussion & Advice on Class
  • Free Trademark Search
  • Authorisation letter drafting
  • TM Application Preparation
  • TM Application Filing
  • Regular Application Status Updates

Trademark Registration Process

Trademark Search

(2 Hrs - 1 Working Day)

First we do a trademark search to check whether your unique brand name or logo or one sounding very similar to which has already been taken. Once it is confirmed, you may proceed to make the payment for the entire process.

TM Application Preparation

Documentation and the trademark application preparation for your business based on your requirements and information. We will prepare your application based on the information provided.

TM Application Filing

(1 Working Days)

Filing of trademark application with the appropriate govt. authority. Once, the application is filed with the Registrar you can start using the TM symbol.

Trademark Registration

(6-15 Months)

Once the trademark application is filed, the Trade Marks office checks the application. If it has no objection, it makes an advertisement in the Trade Marks Journal. If there is no opposition from other businesses in the next four months, trademark is proceeded for registration.

Benefits of Trademark Registration

Legal Protection: Protection of your Brand Name by giving you the legal right to use it.

Securing your goodwill by not allowing anyone else to use your Brand Name.

If you are starting a new business, it will assure you that you are not infringing on anyone else’s trademark.

Unique Identity: You would want your customers to identify your products or services with yours only. Registering your trademark is the first step toward ensuring this. The court would then stop any similar words or slogans from being registered

What we require from you is your logo, brand name and your tag line (if available). Logo must be sent in the JPEG format only.

  • Logo
  • Brand Name
  • Tag Line (Optional)
  • Power of Attorney / TM Authorization Letter (format will be provided by us)

Authorization letter needed so that our lawyers can file your trademark application on your behalf.

Documents Needed for Trademark Registration (View) 

Trademark Classification in India (View)

Trademark Classification in India (Download)


FAQ - Trademark Registration in India

Frequently asked Questions on Trade Mark Registration

1.What is Trademark?

Trademark is any unique name adopted by organizations to represent their identity in the market. It helps the consumer associate the organization with its products and services.

The Name of a company or any names given to its products or services can be classified as a Trademark. A Trademark secures the goodwill that the organization or its products and services earn from the market. It helps a seller differentiate its goods from that of its competitors.

2.What can be registered as a Trademark?

Any word, title, symbol, heading, label, name signature, numeral or any combination thereof can be applied for Trademark Registration in India. Any Slogan, Base or Punch Line, etc. which are used to describe any product or service better can also be applied for Trademark Registration in India.

3.What are TM Classes?

The government specifies 45 classes under which the service product of a business fall. A person before applying for a trademark has to search under which class the product/service of the business falls also helps our customer to find out which class their service belongs to.

4.When can I use the TM Symbol?

The TM mark can be used along with the trademark once the trademark application is filed with the Government. On filing application, you receive an acknowledgement, which gives you the right to use the ™ symbol. Once it's registered, you can use the ® symbol.

5.What is the validity of a trademark?

A trademark is valid for 10 years from the date of application. You can get it renewed 6 months before expiry by just paying the nominal renewal fees.

6.What are the documents required for Trademark registration?

If you are an individual and claims to be the owner of the trademark, then any identity proof and any Business registration document(if available) of your business and in case of Company/LLP , Certificate of Incorporation and address proof of the company.

Apart from that what we require from you is your logo, brand name and your tag line (if available). Logo must be sent in the JPEG format only. And a POA / authorization letter we will send you, which you must sign and send back to us so that we can file your trademark application on your behalf.


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