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Online TDS Return Filing in India

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Online TDS Return Filing in India

tds return filing online

What is TDS?

TDS stands for Tax Deducted at Source. TDS is a source of collecting tax by Government of India at the time when a transaction takes place. Here, the TDS is required to be deducted at a specified rate (TDS Rate Chart), at the time money is credited to the payee’s account or at the time of payment, whichever is earlier.

TDS to be deducted at a specified rate. Different Rate of TDS applicable for different nature of payment.

What is TDS Return?

Apart from depositing the tax, the deductor or payer should also file a TDS return.

TDS Return is quarterly statement required to be filed quarterly in Form 24Q, 26Q, 27Q, 27EQ. It is compulsory for deductors or payer to submit a TDS return on time to the Income Tax department. The following details required to file in TDS returns are:

  • PAN of the deductor and the deductee
  • Amount of tax paid to the government
  • TDS challan information
  • Others, if any

Types of TDS Return Forms

There are various types of TDS Return Forms for different nature of payment. List of forms for Statement of TDS are as follows :-


TDS Return Forms Particulars of the TDS Return Forms
Form 24Q Statement for TDS on Salaries
Form 26Q Statement for TDS on payments other than Salaries
Form 27Q Statement for Tax Deduction on Income received from interest, dividends, or any other sum payable to non residents.
Form 27EQ Statement for TCS (Collection of Tax at Source).

Due Dates for E-Filing Of TDS Returns

Due dates of submission of quarterly TDS Return are as follows:

Quarter Period Month
For Quarter 1 (1st April to 30th June) April, May, June
For Quarter 2 (1st July to 30th Sep) July, August, September
For Quarter 3 (1st October to 30th December) October, November, December
For Quarter 4 (1st January to 31st March) January, February, March


TDS Return e-filing Due Date for Financial Year 2019-2020


Quarter Months Last Date of Filing
1st Quarter  April to June 31st July 2019
2nd Quarter July to September 31st October 2019
3rd Quarter October to December 31st January 2020
4th Quarter January to March 31st May 2020



TDS Rate Chart for the FY 2018-19 & FY 2019-2020


TDS Payment Due Dates for the FY 2019-2020