Main Objects Of Security Services Company

Main Object Clause of Security Services Agency

If You are planning to register a new company for Security Services. You may have a look into the below mentioned main activities or main object clause drafted for Security Services company. Here’s the indicative list of main objects of security services company, MOA of security services company:

Security Services, Security Guards, Body Guards

1. To carry on in India or elsewhere the business of security services, security guards, body guards and to provide national level guarding services like event security and allied services, industrial security services, personnel security services, cash escort services, electronic & security surveillance, manned guarding, detective services & facility management and to provide a wide range of skill development training programmes under security related training programmes across India in private & public sectors.

Main objects of security services company

2. To install, repair and maintain the electronic security systems comprising of automated gates, access control systems, electronic fencing, Intruder Alarm System and Infra Red Motion Detection and Alarm, close circuit television cameras and to provide customized software solutions for security and surveillance, to provide gate security systems consisting of boom barriers, turnstile, flap gates, metal detectors, scanners, Radio Frequency ID tags, Video Door Phones and to provide trained personnel for handling / monitoring the security systems.

Customized Security Solutions, Security Audit

3. To provide or to design the customized security solutions by conducting security review, risk analysis, loss prevention and to provide security consultancy.

Cash Escorts Services, Cash Carrying Van

4. To provide services relating to Cash Carrying, comprising of cash carrying vans with armed guard and radio communication, with the backup support of special security guard / force.

5. To own / breed kennel of highly pedigreed dogs and train them in guarding, bomb detection and spoor trailing.

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Matrimonial Investigation Services

6. To provide all types surveillance and investigation services including but not restricted to Matrimonial Investigation, Insurance claim related Investigations, Missing Persons Investigations, Patent / Trade Mark Infringement investigation and to provide undercover agents.

Employment Investigation, Verification Services

7. To provide investigation services to corporate houses comprising of both pre employment and post employment verifications, address verification services, due diligence of creditworthiness, frauds, cheating, embezzlements, industrial espionage and counter espionage.

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