Main Objects of Nidhi Company Limited

Main Objects of the Nidhi Company Limited

Hi, Are you Planning to register a Company – Nidhi Company or Nidhi Mutual Benefit Company? Team BIZINDIGO will help you in getting your Nidhi Company Registered in India. Looking for main objects or activities of a Nidhi Company. Here’s the indicative list of main objects, MOA of NIDHI Limited company:

Main Objects – Nidhi Company Limited

1. To enable, encourage members to save money, by cultivating the habit of thrift and provide facilities for this purpose.

2. To receive money by way of Fixed, Recurring and Saving Deposits from the members of the Company only as are allowed by Law and the company will carry out the businesses as per the rules prescribed for Nidhi /Mutual Benefit Company.

3. To grant loan to the members at favorable rate of interest on immovable properties, on deposits with Company and on gold, silver and jewellery.

4. To restrict the business specifically to its members only and to have transaction only with the members.

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