FSSAILicenses & Registration

What is FSSAI Registration?

FSSAI Registration

FSSAI stands for Foods Safety and Standards Authority of India. FSSAI Registration is commonly known as Food License Registration. It is a statutory license to manufacture, distribute, baked, store the food products. It is need by all Food Business Operators (FBO’s). Here, Food Business Operators refers to those people who conduct business relate to food. In simple words, it means whose principal business activity is serving the food to the public.

fssai registration

Types of FSSAI Food License Registration

There are three types of FSSAI Food License:

  1. Basic Registration : For FBO’s having turnover 0-12 Lakh
  2. State FSSAI Food License: For FBO’s having turnover 12 lakh to 5 Crore
  3. Central FSSAI Food License: For FBO’s having turnover more than 5 Crore

The FSSAI Authority Issue three types of food license on basis of turnover of Food Business Operators’:

Types Of FSSAI Turnover
Basic FSSAI Registration
0-12 lakh
State FSSAI Registration
12 lakh but up to 5 crore
Central FSSAI Registration
More than 5 crore


Eligibility for State food license

The State FSSAI Food License can be applied by the following Food Business Operator:

  1. Meat processing Units
  2. Restaurant
  3. Hotels
  4. Proprietary foods
  5. Slaughtering units
  6. Food Processing Units including retailers, packers
  7. Dairy Units
  8. Vegetable Oil processing Units

Eligibility for central food license

The Central FSSAI Food License can be taken by the following Food Business Operator:

  1. Proprietary foods
  2. Slaughtering units
  3. Food Processing Units including retailers, packers
  4. Dairy Units
  5. Vegetable Oil processing Units

Documents required for Basic Registration of FSSAI

  1. Photo: Latest Passport sized photo of the owner of the business
  2. Identity Proof (either voter ID, Aadhar card)
  3. PAN card
  4. Address Proof-Mobile Telephone bill, electricity bill.
  5. Copy of rent agreement and NOC letter from Landlord (if rented)
  6. Copy of Property papers (if owned)

Documents required for State Registration of FSSAI

  • Form-B duly completed and signed by the Proprietor.
  • Identity Proof (either voter ID, Aadhar card)
  • Proof of possession of premises.
  • Partnership affidavit of Proprietorship.
  • List of Partners/Directors/Proprietors with their name, address, photo ID.
  • List and details of the types of equipment and machinery to processed the food item.
  • List of food category to be dealt with.
  • Authority letter with name and address of the business owner.
  • NOC and Copy of License from the manufacturer in case distributor/packer.
  • Food Safety Management System Plan.

Validity& Renewal of FSSAI Registration

FSSAI registration is valid for a period ranging from 1-5 years which depends on FSSAI License type applied for.

The Renewal of License must be applied by Food business operators after invalid/expiry of exist FSSAI license within 30 days. There may be a subject to penalty of Rs 100 per day for non-renewal of license within the prescribed period.

Procedure of FSSAI Registration

  1. For taking license it is mandatory that the food business operator has an active email ID and a telephonic phone number.
  2. The business name of the respective applicant must be spelled out correctly in the application form as the same name will appear on the license.
  3. After the successful submission of the application, a unique reference ID is issued that is to be used in all the further applications.
  4. The next and the last step is payment of the prescribed fees. This is to be done by taking out a print of the acknowledgment and the online application and make a demand draft of the specified amount.

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