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Trademark Class 41: Education and Entertainment

Trademark Class 41: Education and Entertainment

A quick guide on Trademark Class 41 of Trademark Classification. Trademark applications is filed under a particular classes. We choose trademark classes based on nature of goods and services for which TM application is being filed.

Trademark Class 41

Education, providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities.

Trademark Class 41 covers mainly services rendered by persons or institutions to educate persons or train animals, as well as services intended to entertain. This class includes, in particular:

  • Services consisting of all forms of education of persons or training of animals;
  • Services having the basic aim of entertainment, amusement or recreation of people;
  • Presentation of works of visual art or literature to the public for cultural or educational purposes.

This post will guide you with the comprehensive list of services covered under trademark class 41.Choose Class 41 if you are planning to register a trademark for education, training, and sports and entertainment services.

trademark class 41

Comprehensive list of services classified under Trademark Class 41

Following are the comprehensive list of services covered under trademark class 41:


  • academies [education]
  • amusement parks
  • animal training
  • arranging and conducting of colloquiums
  • arranging and conducting of concerts
  • arranging and conducting of conferences
  • arranging and conducting of congresses
  • arranging and conducting of seminars
  • arranging and conducting of symposiums
  • arranging and conducting of workshops [training]
  • arranging of beauty contests


  • calligraphy services
  • cinema presentations / movie theatre presentations
  • circuses
  • club services [entertainment or education]
  • coaching [training]
  • conducting fitness classes
  • correspondence courses


  • education information
  • educational examination
  • electronic desktop publishing
  • entertainer services
  • entertainment / amusements
  • entertainment information


  • gambling
  • game services provided on-line from a computer network
  • games equipment rental
  • gymnastic instruction


  • language interpreter services
  • layout services, other than for advertising purposes
  • lending libraries


  • news reporters services
  • night clubs
  • nursery schools


  • party planning (entertainment)
  • personal trainer services fitness training
  • practical training [demonstration]
  • presentation of live performances
  • production of music
  • photographic reporting
  • photography
  • physical education
  • production of radio and television programmes
  • production of shows
  • providing amusement arcade services
  • providing museum facilities (presentation, exhibitions)
  • providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable
  • providing on-line music, not downloadable
  • providing casino facilities (gambling)
  • providing golf facilities
  • publication of books
  • publication of electronic books and journals on-line
  • publication of texts, other than publicity texts
  • providing karaoke services
  • providing on-line videos, not downloadable
  • providing recreation facilities
  • providing sports facilities


  • scriptwriting services
  • services of schools (education)
  • sign language interpretation
  • sport camp services
  • subtitling


  • boarding schools
  • booking of seats for shows


  • disc jockey services
  • discotheque services
  • dubbing


  • Film production, other than advertising film


  • health club services [health and fitness training]
  • holiday camp services [entertainment]


  • micro filming
  • mobile library services / bookmobile services
  • modelling for artists
  • movie studios
  • music-halls
  • music composition services


  • operating lotteries
  • orchestra services
  • organization of balls
  • organization of competitions [education or entertainment]
  • organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes
  • organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes
  • organization of shows [impresario services]
  • organization of sports competitions


  • radio entertainment
  • recording studio services
  • recreation information
  • religious education
  • rental of radio and television sets
  • rental of show scenery
  • rental of skin diving equipment
  • rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios
  • rental of movie projectors and accessories
  • rental of audio equipment
  • rental of cine-films / rental of motion pictures
  • rental of sound recordings
  • rental of sports equipment, except vehicles
  • rental of sports grounds
  • rental of stadium facilities
  • rental of stage scenery
  • rental of tennis courts
  • rental of stage scenery
  • rental of tennis courts
  • rental of video cameras / rental of camcorders
  • rental of video cassette recorders
  • rental of videotapes


  • teaching / educational services / instruction services
  • television entertainment
  • ticket agency services [entertainment]
  • timing of sports events
  • toy rental
  • theatre productions
  • translation
  • tutoring


  • videotape editing
  • videotaping
  • vocational guidance [education or training advice]
  • vocational retraining