Documents Required for Trademark Registration [2022]

List of Documents required for Trademark Registration in India

In this article, we will discuss on what are the documents required for trademark registration in India. You will get to know the complete list of Trademark registration documents. However, the documents requirement varies from applicant to applicant depending on their legal status. 

Documents needed to file a trademark application by an individual applicant vary from the Trademark application filed by the company (Pvt Ltd/LLP/OPC), a partnership firm, or Trust.  

What are the documents required for Trademark registration in India?

Documents required for Trademark registration for Individual

If you are filing your Trademark Registration as an individual, following documents required:

  1. Copy of PAN
  2. Address Proof:  Copy of Aadhaar or DL or Passport
  3. Logo in JPEG format
  4. TM Authorisation Letter (POA – Power of Attorney)
  5. POA format will be provided by us

Documents for Trademark registration for Private Limited Company

In case of a Private Limited Company, these are the documents needed to apply for trademark:

  1. Company PAN Card
  2. MOA & AOA Copy
  3. Incorporation Certificate
  4. Identity & Address Proof of One Director ( PAN + Aadhaar)
  5. Board Resolution copy
  6. TM Authorisation Letter (Power of Attorney) (format will be provided by us)
  7. Logo in JPEG format (if any)

Trademark documents for Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

  1. Trademark Questionnaire
  2. Copy of PAN
  3. Incorporation Certificate
  4. ID & Address proof of all Partners
  5. Board Resolution
  6. Power of Attorney (format will be provided by us)
  7. Logo in JPEG

List of documents required for Trademark Registration

Trademark documents required for Proprietorship

Proprietor of a proprietorship firm will submit following documents along with Trademark application (TM-A):

  1. Trademark Questionnaire
  2. Proprietor PAN Card
  3. Copy of Aadhaar/ DL/ Passport/ Any Utility bill (any one)
  4. TM Authorisation Letter (format provided by us)
  5. Logo (if any) in JPEG format

Documents required for trademark registration for Partnership firm

  1. Trademark Questionnaire
  2. Partnership Deed copy
  3. Copy of PAN of firm
  4. Identity & address proof of all partners
  5. TM Authorisation letter (format provided by us)
  6. Logo in jpeg format (if any)

For Hindu Undivided Family (HUF)

  1. Trademark Questionnaire
  2. Power of Attorney or TM Authorization Letter

In case of a Trust

  1. Trademark Questionnaire
  2. Registration Certificate
  3. PAN Copy (of Trust)
  4. Trust Deed copy
  5. ID & Address proof (of trustees)
  6. Power of Attorney (POA)

TM documents needed For Society

  1. Trademark Questionnaire
  2. Registration Certificate
  3. PAN
  4. ID & Address proof of authorised members
  5. Power of Attorney (format provided by us)


Apart from that, you may share your logo image and your tagline (if available). The logo must be sent in JPEG format (303 by 303 pixel) only.

Power of Attorney (POA) / TM Authorisation format will be provided by us. We will send you the POA format, which you must sign and send back to us so that our trademark attorneys can file your trademark application on your behalf.

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