Compliance Calendar for July 2022

Compliance Calendar for the Month of July 2022

In this article, we have prepared a Compliance Calendar for July 2022 related to TDS, TCS, GST, PF & ESI Compliance. We have listed important statutory compliances with their Dues Dates. 

We all know that every Business concern whether it is LLPPrivate Limited Company, or OPC needs to comply with the applicable TDS, GST, TCS, PF, ESI, Advance Tax, and Tax Filing compliances.

This article talks about the various due dates of July 2022 for TDS, GST, PF/ESI Compliance. Here we go to list down all the due dates for statutory compliances. 

GSTR-3B Due Dates for July 2022

GSTR-1 (for Taxpayers having turnover exceeding 5 Cr. Or Opted for monthly filing): July 11th, 2022

GSTR-3B (for Taxpayers having turnover exceeding 5 Cr. Or opted for monthly filing): July 20th, 2022

IFF June 2022 (Optional) – for taxpayers opted for quarterly filing under QRMP Scheme:  July 13th, 2022

GSTR-9 for the financial year 2021-22: 31st December, 2022 (Tentative)

GSTR-9C for the financial year 2021-22: 31st December, 2022 (Tentative)

GST Due Dates Calendar for July 2022

TDS /TCS – Payment7th July, 2022June 2022
GSTR-1 Return11th July, 2022June 2022
IFF Return13th July, 2022June 2022
PF/ESI Payment date15th July 2022June 2022
GSTR-3B filing Date20th, 24th July, 2022June 2022
PF Return filing Date25th July, 2022June 2022

TDS Payment Due Date for July 2022

Due date of deposit or payment of TDS in the month of July 2022.

TDS ComplianceDue DateMonth
TDS Payment7th July, 2022For the M/o June 2022

PF Payment and Return Due Date

PF Payment Due Date – July 2022

PF contribution for the month of June 2022, is to be deposited on or before the 15th of July, 2022.

PF amount (employee + employer contribution) is to be deposited on or before the 15th of next month in which deduction is made.

What is PF Contribution amount? PF Contribution amount is a sum of the employee’s contribution (deducted from the employees’ salary) and the employer’s contribution.

ParticularsMonthDue Date
PF PaymentJune 2022on or before 15th July, 2022
Filing of ECR*June 2022on or before 15th July, 2022

*ECR stand for Electronic Challan cum Return. PF monthly payment and return is being uploaded electronically by the employers through the Unified Portal. Therefore, with introduction of new ECR, both filing and payment can be made at the same time.

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Statutory Compliance Due Dates for July 2022

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