Bar Council enrollment Affidavit Format

Affidavit format for Bar Council enrollment as Advocate

Are you looking for a Bar Council enrollment Affidavit format? Then you are at the right place. Refer to the below Affidavit format. You may refer to and use this affidavit format for Bar Council enrollment as Advocate. 

This Affidavit format is to be printed on 10 Rupees Stamp paper duly notarized by a Public Notary.


I,_______________, S/o_______________, R/o_________________________, do hereby solemnly affirm that:

1.That I have passed the LL.B. examination from_____________________________University in the year_________ and have applied for enrollment as an Advocate with the Bar Council of____________. It is already undertaken by me in the enrollment application that my place of practice will ordinarily be at__________.

2. However, in case I shift my place of practice from___________ to any other state, hereby, undertake to get my enrollment transferred from____________ to that state within 6 months of the change of place of practice as provided in PART-V, Chapter III, Rule 3 framed by the Bar Council of India under Section 49(I)(ab) of the Advocate’s Act, 1961.

3.That I have studied my LL.B. classes from____________________ colleges as a regular student and during my study period, I stayed at__________________ i.e., the place where my LLB Classes were regularly held.

4.That I undertake to disclose all information asked in the Application Form, truthfully and I understand that any omission to disclose or any misrepresentation shall render my registration invalid and liable to be cancelled.

5. I am also hereby solemnly affirm and declare the reason for gap. That during the gap period from______ to_________, I was preparing for the Judicial Services Examination.



Verified at______________ on this__________Day of____________, 2022, that the content of my above affidavit is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and nothing material has been concealed.



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